Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good heavy day

It rained, so the gym was unusually packed for Sunday but I was able to get through training without having to wait around for power racks and what-not. Squats, 3x5x110, a little sloppy at the end but made it up. I'll stick with this weight next session to clean up the form. Dumbbell bench, 3x5x30 lbs per hand, then 3x5x 30 one handed, there were tough. Deadlift, warmup 1x5x115, 1x5x135, 1x5x150. Goals met, feeling too weak right now to even eat anything but did have almost a cup of organic skim milk. I'll probably just take a Spin class Monday, then Tues is squats, 3x5x110, Overhead press, need to look back at the previous workout, I don't remember if i got 65 lbs that time. I ordered micro plates, 1.25 each, should come in next week and help with the overhead press. Power cleans 5x3x80, will review form on the DVD a couple of times first. Here I am lifting, will try a more sideways view next time.
Did I mention the the Starting Strength DVD is amazing? It is comphrehensive and goes over the form plenty of times with a wide range of lifters, some even older then me! My squat form needs work, got to get out of the habit of looking forward while coming back up, and get the bar lower on my back, but at least the DVD makes one clearly aware of the correct way to do all the lifts. Implementing and breaking bad habits is another challenge.

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  1. Remember, "chest up!" at the bottom of the deadlift, keep the lower back steady - "brace!"