Saturday, June 18, 2011

discovered inner wussness

Friday eve session, started off warming up on the arc trainer, 10 mins, then 20 back extensions. Squats, 2x4x105. I filmed one set and have been informed that stopping out of fear I won't make the last rep is not failing, it is being a sucktard (not in those words, but you know what I mean). So man up woman! After that I did 1x5x95. Went on the bench presses, and found a spotter who is pleasant and strong yet does not cause me to have sudden sexual fantasies in the middle of the exercise thus compromising my concentration, and did 3x4x75, the last rep of the last tow sets assisted. We also learned that 'help' may be the agreed upon safe word but the actual word that comes out of my mouth before being pinned is 'fuck!'.

I went on to dumbbell presses and did 3x5x30 regular and one-handed. Then deadlifts, feeling weak and yucky so I did 2x5x135, another set of back extensions and called it a night. tomorrow, Sunday, will do jump squats, 1x10xbar, 4x10x55, then overhead press 3x6x60, then power cleans 5x3x80.

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