Monday, June 27, 2011

I don't want to lower the deadlift weight!

Mr. Personal Trainer, so I'll do the planks suggested and next deadlift day (Thursday) go for 2 sets of three at 150 instead of one set of five. My core may look unstable but I can actually feel ab and core muscles in there, which were previously thought non-existent, so something is happening, it just needs to improve. It looks like it will be over a week before the micro-weight plates get here, so I'll muddle through until then and go for 70 lb overhead presses Tuesday, as well as 80 lb cleans. The form DVD helped on presses already and I'm expecting better results on power cleans as well. So, today Spin in the evening, tomorrow Spin then lifting, Weds probably that funny abs class. Still deciding whether to go back to Zumba as easy cardio, Spinning all the time gets old and its too hot and muggy to do outside cardio.


  1. The thing to remember is that improving form is a progression just as is increasing weight or reps. Mastery of a movement is not nothing.

    You are right, obviously your postural muscles are getting stronger already, they can get even better.

  2. Yes but I want to get stronger already! I'll be careful Thursday. Can not wait to see 150 lbs in the rear-view and start pulling real weight.

  3. Mastering the movement leads to more strength in the long run.

    This is why I have done things like 20 rep squats. It's horrible, but it very effectively teaches you the correct movement, and then you return to your ordinary lifts with big strength jumps.