Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spin, squat and overhead press

Finally had a lifting partner today, my gym buddy who takes all sort of classes was up for it. She squatted up to 65 lbs- first day! I wasn't too surprised as she is pretty strong. In bad news, we attracted one of those 'former powerlifters' (skinny old man) who has all kinds of fucked up suggestions to keep the ladies from hurting ourselves. There was a lot of nodding and smiling going on. I don't have the heart to tell someone off when I know we will see each other on a consistent basis, and he was trying to help, obnoxious as it was. So, my squats were 3x5x110, overhead press 3x4x65. We are taking a new Body Combat class tomorrow if we can get in, it's been hyped to death so may be full. The update on that will be tomorrow.
In the interest of fitness, I present to you Rammstein including amazing glitter-suit treadmill keyboardist.


  1. Just tell the former 315 quarter-squatter that you're following the advice of a professional coach, "and I get in trouble if I listen to anyone else's advice."

    Marking your territory is important, luckily you don't have to urinate anywhere to do it. Though I hear it helps.

  2. It is both funny and sad that saying that would probably work. To aid in the delivery I'll open my eyes really wide and kind of shrug too.