Monday, June 13, 2011

Good squats, crap deadlifts

Squats, 1x4x105, 2x5x105 yay me! This was after a Spin class to warm-up, took 45 minutes of that, and my usual bunch of warm-up squats. I start with the empty bar and add 10 lbs at a time until I get to the work sets. Dumbbell bench after squatting, warmed up w/ 15 and 20 lb weights, then 3x7x25 one handed presses, 3x5x30 regular. Deadlifts 1x5x135, 2x4x145, the last rep w 145 was a lower-back crunchy need to drop it. so yeah. Not happy about that, I am pretty stiff right now.
I went to the Lion Heart gym today to meet with the owner and check it out, and will be going back on Weds to join. Steve was so enthusiastic about training and expanding his business. He includes a training session for new members (just like you said Kyle) so I am looking forward to that and getting strong. Grrrrrrrr!


  1. Deadlifts are always tricky, your form has to be spot on or they just don't feel right. Other lifts you can be a bit sloppy with, not deadlifts.

    I looked at the Lionheart vid, I didn't see a squat rack, did see a Smith machine but that doesn't count, I hope I am just blind!

    In the vid, the owner seems enthused but not at ease with the camera, I think this is a good sign, I always worry when a gym owner or trainer is too slick with their marketing. I like that it grew out of him and his buddies lifting, having roots like that tends to keep a place well-grounded.

    A place that size, I think you'll find the regulars will help each-other out a lot with form and encouragement, good luck.

  2. Ha-ha, I had the same reaction to the Smith machine! Hey, people like them and he needs to make $$ too. There are two power racks, so I can deal with that. My back was better by the next workout so it is possible I was just being a wuss, I hope the SS dvd helps out with form on all the lifts.