Friday, July 1, 2011

Weirdly distended belly

I didn't post the deadlift video because my belly looks like it is about to burst forth with Alien triplets. Having not left Earth lately, literally and metaphorically, pregnancy probably isn't an issue, and the boobs aren't any bigger (Thank GOD) which is usually the first sign. So we have a mystery.

Normally, if its fat, there is also fat added on my hips and upper back. Nope, hips okay, back even better then usual and in the morning the belly looks normal. Not flat, but not balloon either. Google gave me lots of possibilities from cancer! to PCOS, to bloating. Then, lots of tips from cutting all carbs, to eating more potatoes and bananas- no I didn't make that one up, and hate bananas anyway. It was like a Bing commercial so I decided to utilize my brain and figure out what the hell I am doing differently.

Coffee. More specifically, coffee creamer. This organic, non-processed, fresh food lover and cook has a secret. I love powered coffee creamer in coffee, lots of it. Thinking that disregarding the alarming label was okay due to the rest of my healthy diet was a mistake, and the giant belly does happen right after drinking a huge cup of coffee with loads of powdered creamer in it. As of today the creamer is hitting the trash and green tea is next up.

Here is the clip, hopefully the last one including Alien fetuses.

That set is the second of two sets of five, and it was hard. My back does want to curve up at the end too. Second verse, same as the first, next deadlift session I will repeat this weight. Warm-up 1x5x115, then 2x5x135 and work on chest up, pinch shoulder blades together cues. Heh, at the end of the set you can see a woman doing the 'drinking bird' behind me. She is the best Spin instructor there but only teaches at 6am so I hardly ever make that class.


  1. Glad you can see it now. Good setup, as you do the first pull the lower back goes from ( to |. That's fine, but later the ( will become ) and that's a problem. So keep it ( as long as possible.

    Usually indicates glutes weak relative to lower back. Solution: romanian deadlifts. Hip hinge is very important, as shown by Dan John in this vid.

    I know you know this stuff now, but your readers may not.

  2. Feel free to repeat as necessary! Knowing something, like 'chest up' and thinking I'm doing it can happen while not actually doing it so the more it's drummed in my skull the better. I need to figure out where to add the Romanian deads into the sessions or if they would replace regular deads sometimes.

  3. They'd replace regular deadlifts.

    One of my clients had a good squat but her deadlift is not much bigger (bodyweight 65kg, SQ 57.5kg 3x3, DL 60kg 1x5). She has legs up to her armpits is why. Strong quads, less strong glutes. We've had a few sessions of,

    Workout #1
    Ukranian deadlifts with 20kg kettlebell (sumo deadlifts, feet on box), 4x20 box rising
    Single KB overhead press, 12kg 4x6
    Romanian deadlifts, 60kg 3x5
    Prone brace

    with each pair of exercises supersetted

    Workout #2
    Barbell squat
    Barbell overhead press
    Barbell deadlift

    Her DL is now 70kg 1x5, pulling away from the squat, and the reps look heaps more solid and confident.