Monday, August 8, 2011

Did all right today

Made all planned lifts. Squats were 1x10x air, 1x6x bar, 1x4x 65, 1x4x 85, 1x4x 105, 4x4x 117.5 2x5x107.5. I moseyed on over to the benches and got up to shaky dumbbell bench presses with the 35 lb weights, as well as 2x4x35 one -handed. I dropped back to the 30 lb dumbbells and did 3x5s for both bench and one-handed. That is when something kinda weird happened. The whole time I was doing my sets there was an older guy 'coaching' two kids (they looked young to me but I'm in my 40s so who knows) Anyway, the two younger looking ones were very skinny. Older coach guy had them doing regular isolation stuff one sees in the gym all the time, using light weights. 20 lbs and less.

The weird thing was, when I got up to put the dumbbells I was using away and go to deadlift, he stopped and gave me an Evil Look of Doom. I kind of smiled at him, I try to be friendly and don't really give a shit either way, but that was oddly unwarranted.

Deadlifts, 3 reps at 155, it is still a challenge to really get that back set tightly. Lowering my hips seems to help. Tomorrow I will take a yoga class at 7:30, also need to call the Lion Heart gym owner about lifting there Weds. He is going to check out my form and make sure I am following the APA rules in case I enter the meet in October.

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