Thursday, August 25, 2011

It was a good one!

A good one for squats at least, and let's be real, squats are all that really matters. That, and very attractive men complimenting my form hubba hubba. Ahem, so I made the 3x5x 115. I just got home and guzzled a huge amount of chocolate milk and declined the chance to hang out with my man at a smoky bar. Hopefully my good behavior tonight will be rewarded with more strength. As my shoulder still doesn't feel right overhead presses were 3x8x 45- yes the bar. Then 5x3x 65 power cleans. I did 65 because the first set felt heavy and clumsy but once I was in the groove of them could have added weight. Next time. Then I finished with lat pulldowns, 1x10x70, 1x8x 80, 1x6x 90 and took a much needed shower. No idea what, if anything I will do tomorrow for conditioning, push the truck if I can get ahold of Heidi to steer.

Saturday squats 5x3x 120, Romanian deadlifts, 3x5x105, bench press I don't know about. Maybe I'll go back to the 30 lbs dumbbells for two and one-handed presses.

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