Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rough squats

Here goes; 1x10xair, 1x6xbar, 1x3x55, 1x3x65, etc until 105, then 1x2x105, 1x2x115, Work sets, 2x3x117.5, heard a knee pop but no pain on the third rep of the second set. Then 2x3x117.5, 2x2x117.5, lots of struggling and good morning going on. Backed off to 115 and still only did 1x2x115. Finished (gave up) with 2x5x95. Felt crappy after that debacle.

Standard bench was 1x8xbar, 1x4x55, 1x3x65, 1x2x75, 3x2x82.5, 2x3x82.5, interestingly the last two sets were easier. I had spotter interference helping for the first three sets reps three to five during the first two sets so am only counting the first two reps.

Cleans for technique, 1x5xbar, 5x3x65, nice cleans but did scrape my neck on one of the reps.

All-righty then. Friday lifts will be squats, see how it goes with 117.5 again. Overhead press, 67.5 lbs. Romanian deadlifts, 1x5x95, 1x5x100.


  1. hello! checking out your blog through the SS forum! crazy...117.5 was my nemesis for ages. i couldn't get past it. finally hit 120# a week ago and had mini rack party.

  2. Welcome! I was hoping you would. I can't wait to just be able to properly squat the damn weight let alone get past.

  3. some motivation...i hit 120# today and it was awesome. i think it's the power of the protein. making huge efforts to up the cals especially protein and today it paid off!

    rooting for your 117.5 tomorrow! make it epic.

  4. Thank-you!! I hope you get notified of responses, because your good workout vibes helped and I made all the lifts tonight :-)