Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally getting back in the gym

After Mondays session my right shoulder felt odd when rotated. Those 35 lb dumbbells may have been too much, but the thing with lifting is, if you don't ever lift more you never get better, so risks must be taken. My next session with dumbbells should be this coming Thursday, I'll figure out whether to lift the 35s again then.

I decided to err on the side of caution and chill on workouts until it felt better, which Thank GOD is today. Since it has been that long today will be squats, 3x5x 117.5, overhead press 3x5x 65, and deadlifts @ 155 lbs. Sunday I will do standard bench press, going for 90 lbs this time, 5x3. All this will happen later tonight, will update after.

Update: Well that sucked. Squats ended up 3x4x117.5, 1x3x117.5 Failed rep (with video, even the video is off). Then I did 2x5x95 just to accomplish something. Overhead presses were not better, 1x5xbar, 1x3x55, 2x3x 65 and I just basically punked out on the rest. Deadlifts however were not that bad, being totally pissed off seemed to help. 2x3x 135, 2x2x 155. Saw handsome Ben too and chatted about lifting so it wasn't a total waste. Finished off with 30 back extensions.

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