Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Squats, overhead press and power cleans

Squats were fine, 3x5x 117.5, I'll post the video. Wasn't sure I was getting the depth wanted, but on review the bar is really close to the safties, so I think its okay. After the work sets my partner showed up so i did two sets of five at 95 to keep her company and because i like those easy back-off sets. They remind me how far I've come since being stuck at 65 lbs for so long. Overhead press was next, as my form was atrocious last time I dropped back on weight to 60 lbs, and did 3x5x 60. It was still tough, I won't lie. Then power cleans, 1x3x bar, 1x3x 55, 1x3x 65, 5x3x 70. The last set got sloppy and I missed the third lift on the fourth set too. There is a vid of the last power clean set too I may post.

All in all a good night. Tomorrow probably Spin, yoga if its at a good time for me, and may go out to a breast cancer research benefit. Thursday session- going to go for squats at 120 lbs, bench press 75, 80 if possible, deadlifts 160.


  1. I know! 120 and following all those squat form tips should keep me busy for a while :-P Thanks