Monday, August 1, 2011

It's amazing

how little I want to post when I can't use the browser of my choice. Get in gear Blogspot/Google!!

Thanks to the back-to-school sales I picked up a big notebook to keep track of my protein intake. The goal is 150 grams of protein a day. Tonight's session will be squats, try for 115 again after that low set Friday (I had to back off to 105 for reps, all shaky and falling forward like a goof). Also on Friday I did 4x4x80 bench presses, and 2x5x95 Romanian Deads which were fine while I did them and a literal pain in the ass (lower ass) the next day. That is fine, I hope its strengthening what needs to be stronger.

Back to tonight, going for a good form 3x5x115 squats. Overhead press 3x5x65, deadlifts 2x3x160. Lofty goals considering the mush of lst week but what the heck?

Good squats, shitty deadlifts. Squats were; 1x10xair, 1x8xbar, 1x3x55, 1x3x65, 1x3x75, 1x3x85, 1x3x95, 1x3x105, H2O break, 3x5x115! Back off sets, 1x5x105, 1x5x95.

Overhead press 1x5xbar, 1x3x55, 1x5x65, 2x4x65. Deadlift, 1x3x135, 1x1x145, 1x1x155, three singles at 160- never got my form dialed in with these. As I was taking a shower after I recalled the cue to pull the bar back into me- completely forgot that earlier. Took 5 lbs off and pulled one at 155 and finished for the night.

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