Thursday, August 25, 2011


I waited to post about Tuesday's lift session because, it sucked! Going to the gym was unappealing but I had just posted an inspirational quote about persistence on Facebook. Avoiding hypocrisy, I went in spite of not feeling like it. Squats at 115 (115! not 120) were heavy, again. I had to make 3x5 into 5x3, and those were tough. The squat racks were full when I went over there, so I did bench press first. That may have sapped me for squats. On bench O got two sets of three at 85, all the rest were lower. Then deadlifts, 1x1x 135, 2x1x 145, filmed myself deadlifting and my lower back does round so it's back to 135 for reps.

Yoga class was eh (not the most uplifting post so far is this?) the guy teaching counts loudly through the whole thing- the second class was better. So far I like Linn, Maria and Jeff as yoga teachers. Tonight I am going to do 3x5x 115 squats (War with the BAR!), 3x5x60 overhead press, 5x3x 75 power cleans.

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