Thursday, August 18, 2011


Back from the second yoga class in a row. It is almost like getting a massage except I have to do all the work, but the majority of my stiffness is gone. I stopped by the Walmart next to the gym to pick up a yoga mat (not realizing before how intimate one gets with it) but they don't carry sporting goods. What??

Tonight is increase the weight night on squats, and the squat form check I posted had so many different bits of advice that I'm confused. Lots to work on, sitting back even further to keep my knees from traveling forward and make sure to go low. The plan in 3x3x 120, then 3x3x 115 really focusing on form. I've been feeling like a pudge-o lately but want to get my squats up to an easy 135 before I start cutting fat.

Bench 3x5x 80 if I can get on a standard bench without waiting, otherwise will use the 30# dumbbells for reps. Deadlift at 155, need to film that too.

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