Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Barbell complex after-effects

Sore hamstrings! That is actually a relief, I'd rather deal with soreness then uncertainty that a workout actually, worked. Regular deadlifts, as hard as they are, always just seem to work my back muscles no matter how I try to concentrate on pulling with legs and glutes. I hope Romanian deads will focus on the hamstrings more. It was suggested that my lower back was stronger then glutes, which sounded a bit wrong. One expects their ass to be stronger then the back. But, I attempt to be open-minded when the suggestor has some sense about them and will do the RDLs between standard deadlift sessions.

Oh the neighbor redid an animal shelter website and I wish I didn't look. So many sweet cats that need a house with a couch by the window. My boy cat is sitting right here, and I almost think he read that last sentence as he rewarded me with a stinky kitty fart. He still hasn't gotten over the addition of the other cat. Okay dear, the two of you are enough for now.

Tonight didn't start out great; my least favorite Spin instructor was subbing so I left and tried to get into the Combat class but it was full, which resulted in treadmill time. The later combo-class was good though, and we did upper back work which I need. If the cats get me up early I will take the 6am Spin class tomorrow and then lift later when the gym should be empty.

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