Monday, July 4, 2011

These helpful people are killing me!

Now I have another one. The way we met is, I took the squat rack he was using, because I saw how high the loaded bar was on the prongy-things, looked around the gym and the only guy over 6feet tall was leaving, and I thought he just abandoned the rack without clearing the bar which is a normal thing at the gym. Turned out, a guy who is an inch taller then me was using it, he just sets the bar to high for his height. I apologized and that was that. Well now we tend to run into each other on weekends and he has lots of unhelpful and long-winded tips.

Interesting how a cute guy can become not cute when they are giving one bad advice. I pulled the trainer card as soon as he started talking about the Smith machine (thanks Kyle) and he chilled out a little. Who knew lifting would bring on etiquette difficulties? I can't just say, "Shut up, you're doing it wrong."

Today I did squats, work sets 3x5x105, struggling and slow. I read somewhere that one should do the sets as quickly as possible, which was a jeez moment. I think I will continue grinding them out for now. After the three tough sets I did a 1x5x95 to top it off, also the gym was, as mentioned, distracting today. Overhead press, 3x5x60. Cleans, backed way off on weight to work on form, 5x3x65.


  1. Just tell him he's doing it wrong. Seriously.

  2. The thing is, he is buff and I am not so what he is doing works for him. Maybe I'll tell him I'm doing a special Womens Program ha!

  3. He is buff, but what's his squat and deadlift like?

    One of my clients had some guy tell her how to squat. She replied, "But you're weak." And that was that.