Monday, July 4, 2011

Thinking about Tuesday's session

I'll Spin first, then either do the barbell workout I posted about here if Mel is joining me, or squats, bench press and Romanian deadlift? I need to visit Youtube and check those out again. I think it's basically use less weight and don't touch the ground, go to one's mid-shin and come back up. After the clusterfuck of Sunday's session I am seriously thinking about that other gym again.

The alternative barbell workout is, overhead squat 10 reps, hang clean 10 reps, standing press 10 reps, bentover row 10 reps, lunge 10 reps per leg, Romanian deadlift 10 reps, front squat 10 reps. For the first time we will use the bar only, then the next two go-rounds 55 lbs. Not being even sure I can do an overhead squat with the bar, we will decide whether to use a lighter bar or do back squats instead.

These are the squats from yesterday, I do flop down a bit when concentration is lost. That guy next to me loading the calf raise machine (stupidest machine in the gym) did it but it is up to me to remain focused.

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