Sunday, July 24, 2011

New test post

Checking to see if it works in Safari. All-righty then, the missing post issue has something to do with Firefox. Last night it was impossible for me to get comfortable between back soreness and feeling hot as hell. It is a good thing its the weekend and i could sleep late. Yesterday's workout was good, PR on squats, 5x3x115! On the second set my knee did a little something, so I really need to focus on pushing the knees out at the bottom of the movement. Then I did 5x3x65 overhead press and 2x5x95 Romanian Deadlifts, it is still a challenge to keep the bar path going along my legs and deal with breathing.

Monday squats will be 4x4x115, bench press 3x5x77.5, power cleans 5x3x 80. Those are the goals. If I get up early or can't sleep again I will take the 6am Spin too. I'm taking my little niece sometime this week so flexibility will be important, thus i better lift while I can.

Also, my Tamara Cohen t-shirt from Wild Gorilla Man arrived. The size chart on the site had me concerned so i ordered an xl, but the shirts have a nice generous cut and drape. A large would have been fine. The fabric is so nice I think I'll wear the shirt out and about rather then to work out in. Let's see how my image mojo is....

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