Wednesday, July 13, 2011


First the good news, squats were successfully completed. Upping the weight next time to 110lbs. In case anyone doesn't know this, Wednesday evening at 5:45pm is a TERRIBLE time to hit the gym unless you just want to be a social butterfly. Luckily, I snapped up a squat rack (after giving two young guys curling in it the Bert Stare for a while) and parked myself there the whole time. So, yes I was an asshole tonight. Owning it!

Maybe Karma was getting me because overhead presses sucked ass. I ended up struggling to do 5x3x65 instead of the 3x5x65 planned. 2x5x95 Romanian deadlifts, 2x8x45 overhead presses, yes just the bar, and 2x10xbar bicep curls. After that I took Coralette's combo class which is much harder after lifting and dragged ass home.

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