Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The jury is out

Not that jury (bunch of damn fools on Casey Anthony's jury, I hope she never has another child), the imaginary one on the Bloody Barbell Complex Mel and I did tonight. It was different, basically high rep low weight, the front squats were tough. I discovered I haven't a clue how to do overhead squats and that showing someone how to do a hang clean is harder then one might think. I don't really buy the muscle confusion theory, on the other hand Crossfit chicks are strong and look great. My understanding of Crossfit is that they mix up exercises all the time. Feeling vaguely beat-up in an unfamiliar way, like I cheated by not doing my regular session or something. Overhead squats, I should have watched this first.

Okay, was also doing the Romanian Deadlifts wrong today. It seemed odd that the bar was so far away from my body, need to pull it back in. The good thing is that we only went up to 55 lbs as this was a completely new workout. Here is Rippetoe showing how one is supposed to do an RDL.
Tomorrow I will do Coralette's Pump class, and possibly take Spin beforehand, then Thursday will be squats, 3x5x110, bench press 3x5x 77.5, Romanian Deadlift work up to 3x5x 95lbs. This will be my first session incorporating real RDLs as opposed to the practice sets at 55lbs today, so will be conservative on weight.

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