Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good old body image issues

Yesterday, I felt broken and sore and decided not to go to the gym. Immediately after making that decision, I looked in a mirror and thought, "Eww, I look fat today."

Later, I called my sister and mentioned that we all may have body image issues. Her response was, "Well we need to lose weight!" We are pretty much the same size, 10-12 US. The truth is, we don't need to lose weight. Both of us can walk into any store that caters to adult women and find clothes that fit. They may pull across the bust in my case, or gap in the waist in hers, but it isn't a matter of everything being too small. We fit comfortably in airplane, roller-coaster and ski-lift seats. Men find us attractive and ask us out. We could probably live another 40 years this size in good health.

Her need is actually a desire. I think it stems from being little girls in the 70s, when there were only three TV stations. Images of Chrissy Snow and Charlie's Angels are burned in our psyches as the right way an adult woman looks. I don't know how to fix this. I know that when I'm struggling to keep good form with a heavy weight that that is the only thing on my mind, and I like it.

Good lifting day, squats were good at 5x3x110 (finally!)then back off sets 1x5x105, 1x5x95, bench press 3x5x75, I will switch the rep scheme to 5x3 next time at 80. Deadlifts 1x3x135, 1x3x145. I did a couple of sets of overhead press and bicep curls with the bar to finish off. So for Monday, squats 4x4x110, overhead press 5x3xwhatever I can, power cleans 5x3x65.


  1. If you feel good about yourself when lifting, and not good when not, then the only conclusion is that you should lift more often.

  2. It's settled then. Thankfully, I don't live like that constantly, it is a now and then type thing.

  3. Honestly, judging by the short shorts pics, you should feel good about your body in or out of the gym.

    Women are such bitches to themselves, really. If it were your friend's physique you'd be full of compliments. When it's your own you're all, "oh this and that are no good..." Be a friend to yourself.

    I tell my clients to shut up when they talk like that. Nobody's allowed to insult my clients - not even the client themselves.