Monday, July 11, 2011

Epic workout

And I didn't even get to everything on my plan. It all started with Spin, and I have to admit that having a cute guy right behind me probably caused more show-off-ness then would normally happen in a warm-up Spin class. Red in the face and heart still beating faster then usual, I hit the squat rack.
Squats, 1x10xair, 1x8xbar, 1x3x55, 1x3x65, 1x3x75, 1x3x85, 1x3x95, 1x3x105. I waited for a crappy Mariah Carey song to end, then did 4x4x107.5, 2x5x105. These squat sets were good, totally video worthy, I kept form and concentrated on each rep, no flopping. Being Monday it was too busy to film but I am proud of those squats none the less. Next heavy squat session will be 3x5x107.5 and soon- the bigger plates! Rippetoe dislikes 35 lb plates but I can't wait to put those on the bar.
Overhead press , 1x5xbar, 1x5x55, 3x4x65, the fourth rep was a fight each time. All of the standard benches were taken so onto dumbbell bench press and one-handed. I worked up to 30lbs, 3x5x30, regular and then one-handed. By now i was so done so no pull tonight. After running around doing a couple of errands home and eat.

Thought of the day, 10 lbs of added weight on the bar per month equals 120 lbs in a year. Less then a year for my 225lb squat! That will be a great 45th birthday accomplishment.

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