Thursday, July 7, 2011


Did my first real sets of Romanian deadlifts today, my fear that they would be too easy was unfounded. At 5:15am I got up and ready for the 6am Spin class, which would have been a lot better if the damn fans were on in the room. But, for all I know some of the people in there may have wanted conditioning to ride bikes outside in the miserably hot weather, so I dealt with it. Good thing I brought a full-size bath towel to mop the sweat off with.
Lifting fasted and after cardio was new. Having read several articles lately that say we are capable of more then we know, I decided to do it and see. Squats, 3x5x105, then 2x5x95. These were tough but okay, next I need to woman up and put those new micro-plates on the bar for 107.5. Dumbbell bench presses weren't as good, maxing out at 2x5x30 both hands, 1x5x30 one handed. I just ran out of gas with my arms/ chest.

Not wanting to completely wuss out, I went back to the rack and did a set of RDLs with just the bar, then 2x5x95 working with the form tips on the video posted below. They were rough but okay. Finished the workout with 1x10xbar overhead press, and bicep curls 1x10xbar. Home and ate.


  1. Remember the hip hinge as taught by Dan John, and you'll do well. The RDLs will contribute to keeping you tight during the DL. Good luck.

  2. Thank-you for the suggestion. I'm doing my best to keep at it without getting discouraged by other peoples better progress.

  3. The real success is not the progress itself, but longevity in training. Ten years from now you won't even remember that it took you 6 months instead of 3 months to get a 185 squat, or whatever.

    If you are still lifting ten years from now, you will be lifting more weight with better technique than you do today, and will be in better shape in every way than most people your age then.