Monday, July 25, 2011

Why I have a blog (rant warning)

It is not just to keep track of my lifts, although it may seem so at times. One of the best things about a blog is that I can freely state my opinion about anything I want without some ridiculous assholes coming back with stupid comments. Even better, if one did go so far as to post an unwanted comment here, it has to go through me first. Muahahahaha! Deleted! Terminated!

Back to training: Today will be squats 4x4x115, Bench press 5x3x77.5, then... I don't know. It should be power-clean day but I've become off-schedule with them and have read so much conflicting information on doing them correctly that now I'm more confused about them then ever. That said, my other choice is deadlifts and my lower back doesn't feel normal yet. This could be from the raised weight on squats Saturday as well as Romanian deadlifts. Deadlifts are pissing me off anyway, I keep seeing women pull higher weights then me who have been lifting the same amount of time and it is frustrating. I need to generate more income so i can afford two gyms, bet there are some Oly lifters at the real gym I talked about in an earlier blog.

I sent the owner an email asking about meets in the area, so when he gets back to me I'll see if we can work something out for 'drop-in' sessions. Now I have a couple of hours to go before the gym will hopefully be not too crowded to lift.

Squats and bench were successfully completed, and I did 4x4x77.5 on standard bench presses. Next bench session will be 80 lbs. I think I just didn't know how to bench and switching to dumbbells helped me get the motion down. Squats were okay at 4x4x115. The new rep scheme has really been helpful in preventing stalls so far. No pull tonight, on the bright side my lower back feels normal again, so I will pull tomorrow night after Spin.

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